Trading Stigma for Smiles

Trading Stigma for Smiles

Samaritans Purse brought cleft lip patients from across South Sudan to Juba for surgery. On board ten MAF flights, were 151 passengers including babies, children and young adults and their carers from eight locations across South Sudan.

A day flying on the Western Equatoria shuttle

All in one day, the Western Equatoria Shuttle carried twenty-nine passengers to four locations representing twelve humanitarian and mission organisations covering work that includes medical training, physical therapy training and work, agricultural improvement, disadvantaged youth education, local church ministry, and more.

Idols in the fire

Road travel in South Sudan is dangerous, arduous and time-consuming. MAF is one of the only safe and efficient travel options for mission organisations, such as MAF’s frequent flier, Every Village. On a regular basis, we are able to fly them into remote areas of South Sudan, such as Mvolo and Tonj.

3D printing in war-torn South Sudan

Not Impossible Labs relies on MAF to reach Yida, South Sudan to continue their 3D printing project. On this trip they print 5 prosthetic limbs for community members who have lost their arms due to conflict, specifically bombings.

Flying back to war-torn villages

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Mende Nazer, former slave from the Nuba Mountains, returns home. Baroness Caroline Cox visits war torn villages in Yida, the Nuba Mountains and Wau.