We honour you, Dr. Polla Roux


Dr. Polla Roux is an excellent example of someone using their gifts for the Lord. He was the head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Pretoria University, and the Chief Consultant at the Pretoria Academic Hospital for twenty-one years, where he acquired extensive experience in a wide field of ophthalmology. He currently practices in Pretoria and Johannesburg and has been flying with us from the very beginning.

Dr. Roux has given up countless hours of his time to reach out to people who would not be able to afford his services. He serves the isolated.

Always looking at sustainability, he has been preparing others in ophthalmology. He has trained many of his nurses in Limpopo for surgery. One of his nurses, Mafenya, who is forty-nine years of age only had good things to say about the doctor.

“Prof is a good teacher and communicator who is full of love. I learned a lot from him.” Mafenya, Nurse.

His fellow colleagues and patients walk away knowing his compassion and attention to detail. They walk away knowing that he is a man filled with Christ’s love.

On an Eye Doctor Flight this year, there was a particularly grateful woman of thirty-seven years of age. Blinded by a cataract in one of her eyes, she faced the possibility of losing her job. She has four children and relied on the eldest to help her take care of her younger children and household. Not more than twenty-four hours after we departed from Limpopo, she took off her bandages and was able to see. The difference this surgery will make to both her work and her home life is drastic.

Dr. Polla Roux is a highly sought after physician. Yet, he gives his skills and time to the Lord, knowing that there are isolated people God would like to touch through him.

We honour you, Dr. Polla Roux. Thank you for your sacrificial service to the Lord.