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We honour you, Dr. Polla Roux

Dr. Polla Roux is an excellent example of someone using their gifts for the Lord. He was the head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Pretoria University, and the Chief Consultant at the Pretoria Academic Hospital for twenty-one years, where he acquired extensive experience in a wide field of ophthalmology. He currently practices in Pretoria and Johannesburg and has been flying with us from the very beginning.

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Love and dentistry

What would it be like to have no dentist available to relieve the pain of infected or rotting teeth?

In Bardai, a village in northwestern Chad in the heart of the Sahara, residents know what it’s like to live with tooth pain for years on end. When American dentist Dr. Kevin Ackerman made his first dental clinic trip to Chad in 2002, there were no trained dentists in the entire country. In Bardai, a five-hour MAF flight from the capital, a trained dentist is still non-existent.

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A light in the dark

Light and darkness are generally synonymous with good and evil. But in the Bikaru tribe of Papua New Guinea (PNG) it has an interesting twist. At night the people hang lights under their huts built on stilts, believing this will ward off evil spirits wanting to kill them. Some in the small tribe have become believers in Jesus and turned off their lights. Nights have become darker as light has entered the hearts of a terrified people.

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