A remote mountain village medevac

Motorbike and aircraft.jpg

On the 23rd of January 2018 a call came in that there was a woman in labour that needed to be evacuated from the remote Maasai mountain village of Olemilei.

The name of the village, Olemilei, means escarpment in Maasai because the village is located on the large mountain. Olemilei is a small village with a population of only around 100 people with no roads - due to its location on the edge of the escarpment.

The woman was brought to the airstrip on the back of a motorbike, clearly in pain and barely walking on her own. She had been in labour for the last two days and needed to be taken to the hospital at Loliondo.

Many hands helped ease her into her seat on the plane. Elisha, a local evangelist MAF had brought from Malambo to preach that day, prayed with her before the plane took off. It was a short fifteen-minute flight to Loliondo.

Without a plane, the only other way for her to reach the hospital would have been to walk or be carried for six hours down the mountain to Malambo and then if an available vehicle could be found there, drive over rough roads for another six hours or so to the hospital at Loliondo.

On the 5th of February we got a report to say that she had given birth to a little girl and both are doing well. She named her Anna.