Tackling Bible Poverty

Tackling Bible Poverty

“Bible poverty, simply put, is when a person or people(s) do not have meaningful access to the Bible in their mother tongue or heart language.” – Andrew Heffren. On a recent flight, Angelina reflected on their journey so far.

Church in our Neighbourhood

Because of where MAF staff live, God often brings them opportunities to minister to local people outside of the MAF sphere. Here, flight operations coordinator, Corrine Cadinouche, discovers a new mission field during the COVID lockdown in western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – her neighbourhood.

Travel with us to Bangladesh

Welcome to Bangladesh! With long rivers and large populations, Bangladesh is a place like no other. Thank you for travelling with us… Around the World.

Travel with us to Papua New Guinea

Welcome to Papua New Guinea! This is a country filled with rich culture, dense jungles and beautiful people. Thank you for travelling with us… Around the World.

The Power of Love

Empower One’s vision is also to reach the unreached with God’s love, which makes for a perfect partnership with MAF. Mark Liprini, MAF SA pilot flew the team to the Rhino Refugee Camp.

Safety and Shelter at Last

The principle of ‘women in a safe space’ is fundamental to the work of an organisation we support at the Rhino Refugee Camp in Uganda. Mark Liprini, MAF SA Pilot flew a team to see the good work.

The eleven year wait

Scott and Susie had been waiting in Chad a long time. Over eleven years, in fact. Praying and waiting. Working and praying and waiting. Drilling wells, teaching hygiene, holding dental and medical clinics, sharing the Word…and waiting on God for that miracle when someone would choose to follow Jesus.

A light in the dark

Light and darkness are generally synonymous with good and evil. But in the Bikaru tribe of Papua New Guinea (PNG) it has an interesting twist. At night the people hang lights under their huts built on stilts, believing this will ward off evil spirits wanting to kill them. Some in the small tribe have become believers in Jesus and turned off their lights. Nights have become darker as light has entered the hearts of a terrified people.

A memorable baptism

The July outreach to Dabia, Tanzania was particularly memorable for MAF pilot Jarkko Korhonen. While the medical team were doing their routine baby and prenatal clinic work, an Anglican pastor baptised six children.