Clinics off airstrips

The Endanyawish landscape is dry and dusty. The airstrip parallels a short mountain ridge with a small marshy lake close by. The landing is tricky with a sharp turn at the beginning in front of the ridge, and winds that must be taken seriously.

What’s it like flying in PNG?

Flying for MAF is nothing like flying for a commercial airline. Dave Rogers, an MAF pilot based in Papua New Guinea, answers the question, “What’s it like flying in PNG?” from his perspective, flying an Airvan GA8 out of Goroka.

A day flying on the Western Equatoria shuttle

All in one day, the Western Equatoria Shuttle carried twenty-nine passengers to four locations representing twelve humanitarian and mission organisations covering work that includes medical training, physical therapy training and work, agricultural improvement, disadvantaged youth education, local church ministry, and more.

What is standardisation?

Grant Strugnell, MAF Pilot, takes us through the journey of one of the final steps in the application process to become an MAF pilot.

Red Airstrips

Many bush pilots who have flown in Africa can relate to the difficulty of using a dirt airstrip. In Kenya, an airstrip approximately 20 km from Olorte had been the only useable airstrip in Entasekera since 2009. It allowed planes to fly passengers in, but not out. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t continuously serving a Maasai community. But it was.

Do not fear

A workshop in Papua New Guinea teaches women how to be free from the fear of sorcery and magic through a deeper understanding of who God is.