Tackling Bible Poverty

Tackling Bible Poverty

“Bible poverty, simply put, is when a person or people(s) do not have meaningful access to the Bible in their mother tongue or heart language.” – Andrew Heffren. On a recent flight, Angelina reflected on their journey so far.

Travel with us to Bangladesh

Welcome to Bangladesh! With long rivers and large populations, Bangladesh is a place like no other. Thank you for travelling with us… Around the World.

Travel with us to Papua New Guinea

Welcome to Papua New Guinea! This is a country filled with rich culture, dense jungles and beautiful people. Thank you for travelling with us… Around the World.

Travel with us to Madagascar

Welcome to Madagascar! This country is a beautiful place filled with incredible wildlife, beautiful scenery and inspiring cultures. Thank you for travelling with us… Around the World.

Student safari flight

Students at the MAF Flight Training Centre in Mareeba, Australia have a unique opportunity as part of the training programme.

They fly on a remote area safari and visit a MAF operational programme. These Safaris’ give students exposure to flying in remote, isolated, hot conditions and to navigate over often featureless terrain. It takes them beyond the comforts of their local area and forces them to plan their flights safely with changes in weather conditions and limited access to fuel and outback accommodation.

Smile, your plane has arrived

The Venters live in Goroka in the Eastern Highlands. Brad is a pilot and training pilot on the Twin Otter aircraft and is also currently the Flight Operations Manager (Chief Pilot). Michelle looks after our home and family and is involved in ladies’ ministry and in many other areas as needed.