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Caught in the Crossfire, Sudan

As thousands of refugees flee the devastating conflict in Sudan, Mission Aviation Fellowship is stepping up its response in extending a lifeline to those in desperate need.

Led by a passionate disaster response team, MAF South Sudan has launched relief flights from their base in Juba, aiming to reach the remote northern destination of Renk. This is where the refugee crisis is escalating, leaving innocent lives hanging in the balance. We have set forth on a mission to bring solace, aid, and assistance to those who have lost everything.

South Sudan, a nation already burdened with challenges, now faces further adversity as the crisis in Sudan continues to force countless families to flee their homes. MAF’s presence in this region allows us to allocate additional resources and personnel to address the pressing needs on the ground. We work hand in hand with NGOs to swiftly fly in essential supplies and fly out those most vulnerable.

On 19 June, MAF carried out a flight for Citizen’s Call* bringing medical supplies to Renk and refugees back to Juba. One of the passengers required urgent medical attention after she was caught in the crossfire fleeing from the war in khanoum. are fleeing the Sudan conflict in their thousands. The organisations were assigned the task of reporting on needs on the ground by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

The woman being lifted carefully from the plane at Juba International Airport, is a refugee from the war in Sudan. She sustained a wound to the leg a few days ago when was caught in the crossfire fleeing from Khartoum. Despite her terrible injuries, she made the journey to the border town of Wounthou/Juda where she crossed into South Sudan at the border town of Renk accompanied by her small son. He stands timidly off to one side watching as the dispatch team manoeuvre her as gently as they can into the waiting ambulance. He climbs in beside her and they are taken to Juba Teach hospital where her injuries can be treated and they can be reunited with family members here in Juba.

Pilot Andy MacDonald flew the 6 hour round trip with the patient and 10 other refugees, on behalf of Citizen’s Call, a coalition of South Sudanese individuals who are aiding South Sudanese refugees leaving Sudan. Hers is just one of many heart-breaking stories. Everyday, thousands of people are arriving at South Sudan’s borders fleeing the conflict that erupted in Sudan’s capital Khartoum on 15 April. Many of these people have experienced or witnessed terrible things including rape. Many more people are still trapped in the besieged capital, being targeted by airstrikes, without sufficient food, and water and unable to leave.

After their ordeal of escape, new arrivals in Renk, are faced with appalling condition in the camps set up to receive them. Inadequate food, shelter, healthcare, water, toilet and washing facilities mean there is real suffering in the camps. There are almost daily reports of children dying from preventable causes including hunger and dehydration. The UN have received just 10% of the USD $96 million they need to respond. The refugees fleeing this crisis feel forgotten by the outside world.

Your support holds the power to change lives and bring hope to those who feel abandoned by the outside world. Your contribution will directly aid our relief flights, transport essential supplies and aid workers to the affected areas, and provide vital resources to ensure the success of our mission. By joining hands with MAF, you become an integral part to help alleviate the suffering, providing solace and sustenance to those who have endured unimaginable hardships.

Let us rise above the indifference, extend our hands, and uplift those who have lost everything. Your generosity will empower MAF to transform the lives of Sudanese refugees, proving that amidst the darkest of times, compassion and humanity prevail.

The scale of this crisis is vast, but it presents us with an extraordinary opportunity to make a tangible impact and transform lives. Together, let’s make a difference, one flight at a time.

Thank you.


Partner with MAF and invest in our Sudan Crisis Project to fly help, hope and healing to some of the most vulnerable.

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