Flying home after a life-changing surgery

life changing surgery

Thirteen-year-old Sara was badly burned while playing, which left her right arm fused to her torso. Three years later MAF had the joy of flying Sara home after life-changing surgery at HVM hospital, Mandritsara, to release her arm.

Translation: A New Gateway to the Gospel

Taking off after a great day of celebration.

There was double celebration in Eastern Equatoria in January when MAF pilot Raphael Flach landed on the newly reopened airstrip to bring the brand-new translation of the Bible in the Tennet language. A few days, he landed again with VIP visitors, including Bible translators, to celebrate with the community as the scripture was dedicated.

A Traveller’s Journey

Guinea Ferry flight day 1 c

On Wednesday 26 January 2022, MAF’s Guinea-bound aircraft, N2114G, began a five-day journey from Uganda to Guinea. The aircraft has had several adjustments and is now ready for service. Pilot Roy Rissanen – who used to fly the same aircraft in Mongolia – accompanied by Guinea programme developer Emil Kundig, left Kajjansi and flew to Arua on the Ugandan border.

Tackling the Malaria Problem

End of February, MAF Telefomin Crew flew charters for Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) to deliver a total of 28,000 mosquito nets to rural communities.

At the end of February 2022, the MAF Crew flew Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) to deliver a total of 28,000 mosquito nets to rural communities.

Tackling Bible Poverty

Tackling Bible Poverty

“Bible poverty, simply put, is when a person or people(s) do not have meaningful access to the Bible in their mother tongue or heart language.” – Andrew Heffren. On a recent flight, Angelina reflected on their journey so far.

Trading Stigma for Smiles

Trading Stigma for Smiles

Samaritans Purse brought cleft lip patients from across South Sudan to Juba for surgery. On board ten MAF flights, were 151 passengers including babies, children and young adults and their carers from eight locations across South Sudan.

Learning the Moyo Mother Tongue

Lyndsay playing Jenga with the locals while learning Ma'di.

A young couple with a passion for dialects are devoting their lives to help maintain the local Ma’di language in Moyo and ultimately spread the gospel.