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Be an MAF Pilot

Being an MAF pilot is being at the heart of our adventure, seeing first-hand the difference our mission makes to remote villages. Expect challenging environments and rewarding results!


Experience Required

MAF Pilot candidates need to hold as a minimum an ICAO based CPL, Instrument Rating and Class 1 Medical. In addition to the above, there are specific requirements by location as follows:

Arnhem Land, Australia – pilots must have 200+ hours' flying time and 10 hours of night flying experience

Papua New Guinea – pilots must have 10 hours of night flying, 3 years' commercial experience and 500 hours' flying time (with 300+ hours PIC)

Bangladesh – seaplane pilots must have 2,000+ hours' flying time (with 1,500 hours PIC), 250 hours of C208 experience and 25 hours' night flying experience

Mongolia, Africa – experienced pilots must have 1,000+ hours' flying time (with 500+ hours PIC)

Africa – basic pilots must have 500+ hours' flying time (with 300 hours PIC).


Vacancy Expectations

Candidates will need to be able to demonstrate an aptitude for operating in varied and sometimes inhospitable environments with minimum support.

The MAF flying environment is varied. The terrain could be mountainous, with unconventional airstrips, e.g. 400 meters, 5+degree slope, dirt and 10-20 meters width. Rain, snow, heat, dust, ice, storms and a lack of navigational aids are also the norm.

Experience of flying cross-country in varied terrain, along with experience of working in a commercial environment and working with customers is a definite advantage.

Duty time for MAF pilots is 40 hours per week with 85 hours per month spent on flying. Pilots will be expected to overnight occasionally where services require.

MAF pilots are responsible for passengers and for loading and unloading though, in some situations, there is some support with this at MAF bases.

There is a considerable investment in getting even an experienced pilot operationally flying for MAF overseas. This is due to pre-field orientation and license conversion requirements. MAF pilots therefore need to serve for a minimum of 4 years.

MAF pilots are not able to fly cross-borders beyond the age of 60 in most countries that MAF is based. This means flying roles are not usually available for those reaching this age while employed by MAF.



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