Tobias Meyer serves with MAF in South Sudan

His Story

Tobias had an interest in aviation from a young age. So after graduating from high school he left for Germany with the idea of joining the cadet programme of Lufthansa to become a pilot.

But while doing his compulsory military service in Germany he realised that a career as an airline pilot would not suit him. Through God’s guidance, he studied social work and worked with an organisation caring for youth at risk.

During his studies he read about MAF in a magazine and was intrigued by the combination of using airplanes as a means to impact people’s lives in Christ’s name. But due to a lack of finances was unable to pursue this career.

At the beginning of 2011 he felt called by God to change careers. He received funding to study for an Airframe & Powerplant mechanics licence as well as to start the training for his commercial pilot’s licence. He finished his pilot’s licence in 2015 and began the process to join MAF soon after. He is now raising support to serve with MAF in South Sudan.


Tobias' Newsletters

My journey towards MAF started at an early age with an eager interest in everything aviation related. I can’t say where it originated. It was just there. One of my favourite trips was to the airport, whenever we had someone visiting from Germany. I could stand at the observation deck for many minutes, naming the different types of airplanes and the airlines the belonged to. And while they were being prepared for their next journey, I would dream of where I would fly all around the world. I used to make jokes and say that I would provide toilet paper to rural towns in Alaska as a career.

It was during my studies that I first read about Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in an aviation magazine. The combination of my interest in aviation and working with people, sounded like the perfect job!

After a long journey, trusting in God and taking each step toward MAF, I am now on my way to South Sudan!

Country of Service

South Sudan

South Sudan has few roads across its vast swampy plains, meaning aid and mission groups depend on MAF’s aircraft to reach people suffering through hunger, conflict and isolation. Real dangers are posed by militias, bandits, road accidents and increasingly by unexploded ordnance from the ongoing civil war. Sometimes the road runs out completely - during the wet season roughly 60% of the country cannot be reached at all by road. A three-hour flight for one of our partners can save them a week’s journey overland in the dry season and a month in the wet season.



Thank you for your partnership in ministry! Making an eternal difference in the lives of isolated people around the world is a team effort. We depend on consistent prayer and financial support from partners like you to carry out this ministry.

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