How we help

We fly medical, relief and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places.

Who we are


Every four minutes an MAF Aircraft takes off or lands in deserts or jungles, mountain peaks or rivers around the world. We are reaching the remote with the love of Christ to bring help, hope and healing to people who have often never heard of a omnipresent God of love.

Our History


After World War II several Christian pilots who had fought in the war had a vision to use aircraft to spread the Gospel and uplift people spiritually and physically in highly remote regions of the world.

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Isolation is a problem!


When you don’t have access to schools, you don’t have an opportunity to receive an education. When you can’t reach a hospital, you don’t have the choice of receiving medical attention. When you have never heard of the gospel, you have no true hope on earth or in eternity.

Did you know that millions of people suffer because they are simply isolated. Ironically, isolated from the rest of the highly interconnected world, in an age when it has never been easier to travel.

There is a solution


MAF is a Christian mission that uses aircraft and technology to transform lives. Because we fly for 1,500 aid, development and mission organisations to often rudimentary airstrips, we enable thousands of aid, relief and mission projects in really remote places. In fact, the need for MAF flights is so great that every 4 minutes, one of our aircraft is taking off or landing across 26 developing countries.

It's an exciting global movement that has been bringing transformation to remote communities around the world for 70 years, all made possible thanks to the support and prayers of people like you.


Check out what we do by reading our Stories of Hope and restoration.

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