Christ Resurrects Dead Situations

When people go through trials, the temptation to feel forsaken looms overhead. For people living in refugee camps, there are constant trials.

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Located in the Turkana district of North-Western Kenya, Kakuma is the second largest refugee camp in the country. Kakuma currently serves over 179,000 people who have fled wars and violence in neighbouring countries. The majority of refugees are from South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia, but many other nations are also represented amongst the inhabitants.

Life in the camps can be exceptionally challenging. Sadly for many refugees, escaping their homes does not always mean they are able to leave conflict behind, as was evidenced by an incident in Kakuma in November 2014. Following an influx of new refugees from South Sudan, tensions rose between the Dinka and Nuer communities inside the camp, tragically mirroring the crisis from which they had fled. Eventually the dispute erupted into a violent incident in which eight people died; a stark reminder that fear and insecurity can continue to be a feature of daily life for those who have been displaced.

James May, Nairobi-based Director of Lutherans in Africa, answered the call for spiritual assistance in the camp, and so along with his colleague Jason Stephenson, travelled with MAF Kenya to and from Kakuma Refugee Camp in January.

‘I was contacted by Anyuak Refugees…some of them had visited me in Nairobi and told me that they were like sheep without a shepherd. Upon arrival I was amazed by the hunger of the people to hear the Gospel,’ James reflects.                                               

 ‘Jesus told her, "I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.’ John 11:25 (NLT).

 As we celebrate Easter and what the Lord has done for us, let us remember those who feel neglected and abandoned in isolated areas.

Through MAF, James was able to bring the hope of Christ and His resurrection to refugees who felt forsaken. MAF has served a number of partners in Kakuma Refugee Camp over the years; there are many agencies working there with our shared goals of bringing help, hope and healing to people isolated by their circumstances.

Please consider making a gift to MAF’s mission to see isolated people spiritually and physically transformed in Christ’s Name.


James concludes, ‘I am thankful that MAF has this service because how else would we be able to get to these locations? Thank you for all that you do!’

God bless you

Maxine Holman



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