Kirstein, Amelia Johann and Louis Combrink serve with MAF in Tanzania

Our Story

Kirstein found out about MAF while he was training to be a pilot and volunteering in youth work and missions.

Kirstein felt called to missions and wanted to know if there was a way to merge his love for aviation and reaching the lost with the love of Christ, MAF was the answer. He joined the MAF family in 2010, and arrived in Tanzania in 2012.

Amelia arrived in Tanzania in 2009 to teach at one of the international primary schools for four years and then worked for the Pastoral Women's Council, a non-profit organisation which fights for the rights of Masaai women and children. Kirstein and Ameilia met at church in Arusha, Tanzania in 2012 and got married two years later in Cape Town. Johann was born in July 2015 and Louis was born in October 2017.

Kirstein is currently serving as a pilot and the ground operations and airfield development manager. To find out more, please see their blog!


The Combrink's Newsletters

We read in Colossians 1:16 "all things have been created through him and for him" therefore, the reason I live and the reason I have wings is for Christ. I believe that God is Pilot-In-Command and He has called me to serve Him full-time as a missionary pilot. Seven years on, this is still true. In 2013 God sent Amelia on my path. She came out to Arusha from the UK in 2009 (three years before me) to work as a teacher at an international school. We met through friends and colleagues at church and in 2014 we got married in Cape Town. In 2015 our first son, Johann, was born in the UK and in 2017 Louis was born in SA. So, from solo wings to a crew of four, God has blessed us in many ways. It has not always been smooth sailing (cruising) and the future is not always clear. But, for the time being, God is still using us to serve small communities with healthcare and evangelism in northern Tanzania. Raad more on the Combrink's Blog

Country of Service


MAF has operated in Tanzania continuously since 1963, serving remote communities through aviation. The programme has a fleet of three Cessna 206 aircraft able to meet the needs of our customers. We serve local partners including, churches, hospitals, missionaries, NGOs, and development and relief agencies who are working to provide access to healthcare, safe drinking water and the Gospel to the isolated people of Tanzania, particularly in the northern remote regions.


Thank you for your partnership in ministry! Making an eternal difference in the lives of isolated people around the world is a team effort. We depend on consistent prayer and financial support from partners like you to carry out this ministry.

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